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Cathy Next Door showing at Painting The Figure Now - Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art

Painting The Figure Now is a yearly curated exhibition highlighting the work of today's living artists currently creating figurative work. This year's curators are David Willson and Kiki Kim who have this to say about Valentine Aprile's painting Cathy Next Door "There are so many factors at play in this painting that serve to make it captivating. We love that Valentine is exploring what it means to be ‘good’ within the framework of our current society and its many movements. We love the mix of artistic styles at play in her paintings and how they have combined to create a deeply compelling composition. By pushing what may be seen as conventional boundaries, Valentine is creating artworks that hit on many levels. How often do you see an elderly woman, naked, poised and elegant, together with the statement “Loose with my body, but never my heart”? In a society that constantly lauds all that it means to be young, this strikes in a way that makes you step back and consider why it should be confronting and beyond that, to consider the age-old question of what a life well-lived really looks like." See this painting and the rest of the exhibition in person at Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, 309 McClellan St, Wausau WI, now through Oct 28th 2023 or online;

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