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Valentine Aprile is an American multidisciplinary artist of Indigenous Mexican and European descent currently focusing on painting utilizing her acute understanding of storytelling, movement, and the expressive capabilities of the body and portrait. Her oil paintings are psychological portals marrying abstraction and life study using both traditional techniques and intuitive improvisation. Her slightly ambiguous yet not so comfortable image stories are inspired by world events, observation of human behavior, and life experiences such as growth, justice, and survival..most often searching for hope and connectedness via themes of identity and equity. Her semi-improvisational style lends a sense of freedom to the work and takes advantage of the characteristics of oil paint to create transparent layers, then playing that against more opaque and occasionally textured applicative and reductive methods.


Valentine Aprile is also a portrait artist. Additionally, she has worked in various forms of dance, stage and site specific performance, video, filmmaking, acting, and directing.



LIttle Bird


Valentine Aprile painting live at the Museum of Modern Art NY for The Art Students League of NY

(model - Freddy Borges)

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